Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mammoth by John Varley

So I finished the book today. There were a couple of spots where I worried that I might not like the story. But in the end I did like it. I'm looking forward to discussing it with everyone this next Sunday!

So. Um. How far along are the rest of you?

(Shoot. That sounds like I'm being nosy about a pregnancy.)


At 8:18 AM, Blogger CaptStrange said...

Almost done with it -- and I was surprised how much I've enjoyed it. See everyone Sunday! (Wow, that came around fast again this time, didn't it?)

At 8:16 PM, Blogger Helge said...

Since besides Elysa and Greg and me no one else made it, how about the rest of you lot post your comments here?

So here's a spoiler warning!

I enjoyed the story. I was a bit bothered by what I thought was gratuitous technological masturbation in the middle, where Howard blasts the mammoths with his death ray (that silly contraption never again surfaces in the story and didn't really add anything at that point that couldn't have been accomplished more reasonably). I also thought that Howard and Matt both should have made the connection between the original time machine and the damaged duplicate that brought them into the past the first time. But otherwise Varley delivered.

I particularly enjoyed the slight bit of ambivalence at the end, where we're left to wonder who it really was that was found frozen in the tundra. After all, if Howard hadn't stolen Matt's watch...

At 3:40 PM, Blogger Lallia said...

Sorry I didn't make it. I was cleaning for my grandmother - she's kind of lost it. It took us 8 1/2 hours to clean just her kitchen.

I enjoyed the book like I enjoy a fluff comedy. It wasn't spell binding, but I was good harmless fun. I saw the circus was in town and had the urge to go, just to see the elephants - so it must have had some impact on me. : )

I haven't started the next book, I'm reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I'm loving it. I need to set it aside and read October's book. Oh, the struggles I must endure.



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