Saturday, September 09, 2006

Brain-candy from DH Press

If you ever got a kick out of the classic Universal horror monsters, you might enjoy the new line of novels being published by DH Press (Dark Horse Comics). I've read two of them so far, Dracula: Asylum, and The Shadow of Frankenstein, and you know what, they were surprisingly well-done and entertaining. Surprisingly because my expectations were low. C'mon, new novels based on Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy and even The Creature from the Black Lagoon?? When I first heard of them, I thought they must be graphic novels. But, no, these are full-fledged novels picking up where the original movie storylines left off. Fun. Allright, maybe I'm just a sucker for those classic characters... so you gotta problem with that? Whatsamatta with you? I know you probably have some cheesy manga hidden away that you love to just roll around in your brain once in a while, or maybe a Dark Shadows novel or a Buffy book or two?? C'mon, what's your brain-candy?


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