Friday, September 08, 2006

Happy 40th Star Trek!

This evening on my drive home I listened to a great tribute to the 40th anniversary of Star Trek on NPR -- and I thought how cool it was that I kind of grew up with ST. I watched the syndicated repeats of the original series in my youth (for years it was every day at 5pm -- so while mom was in the kitchen cooking dinner, my brother & I were usually parked in front of the TV), saw the animated series on its first run on Saturday mornings, and then the evolution of the feature films, the spin-off series and the novels. It's sort of been ubiquitous in my life. And even though I don't own a Starfleet uniform or rubber vulcan ears, I have been to a number of cons, have a bunch of autographed photos and even a whole set of the collector's plates packed away in a box somewhere -- so I guess I qualify as a trekkie. I still get a kick out of rewatching the episodes I've seen countless times over the years, and love lots of the music. The optimistic future of ST is a great fantasy, and one that is still refreshing. On a sidenote, I saw today that Paramount is finally going to release the complete animated series in a DVD boxed set (Nov. 21st, in case you're interested) and I'll probably be parking myself in front of the TV on Saturday morning to watch it. See? Some things never change.


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