Monday, August 14, 2006

Be careful what books you recommend...

...because Sherril will probably read them! I'm just envious of her new reading chair... This from an email she sent me:

"Both Elantris and The Difference Engine are available in the library up here, so I have placed them on hold. I will be behind on Elantris, but maybe I can be finished with the other before you guys meet to discuss it! Lol. All of your suggestions on the BLOG are sure making a huge reading list for me! I have a spreadsheet with everyone's recommendations, and mark them off after I have read them. I made myself a nice reading corner in the house, surrounded by all my book shelves. We bought a nice leather recliner/rocker and put there, so I am all set now.

Keith likes the horror movies, so guess what I get to see? My least favorite genre of movie. Lol. He does reciprocate goes with me to my Sci Fi movies too. He even likes some of them. We saw the Descent with his oldest daughter while she was here. I think Keith still has bruises on his leg that match my fingers."

Disclaimer: That is definitely not a picture of Sherril. Nor is it meant in any way to depict barren Alberta. And I'm sure she would never leave her cat out in the snow. The dog however is an authentic depiction, I'm sure.


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