Monday, August 07, 2006

Speaking of dragons...

Here's that book I had mentioned at the discussion, that I read years ago, Tea With a Black Dragon, though it had different (and better) cover art way back in the 80's when I first had it recommended to me and picked it up. Oh, wait -- forgot, I've got Google image search right here. Okay, can you tell the new from the original artwork? I'd take this as a good example of how artwork can not only encapsulate the spirit of a novel, but sell the book too. I mean, who the hell would buy the book from that new artwork, compared to the charming dragon that graced the original paperback? It wasn't a long story, but a memorable one. I'll have to dig out my old copy from down in the basement. R.A. MacAvoy... think I've read something else by her(?) too. The Book of Kells maybe?


At 10:35 PM, Blogger bibliojunkie said...

That's so weird you would suggest that author. "Tea..." sound like a really cool title and that's what I thought about 15 years ago when I saw the cover of "Book of Kells" I don't know if I just wasn't getting it or if I expected something else but I was unable to finish it. However I am willing to give her another shot. I am a sucker for a cool title and front cover

At 10:12 AM, Blogger Helge said...

I don't remember if I read that book or not... I do remember noticing it. Somehow I keep associating it in my memory with Adams's "Long Dark Teamtime of the Soul." I wonder why?


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