Monday, July 10, 2006

Science Fiction Hall of Fame

The Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame awarded it's latest inductees not too long ago. Neil Gaiman was the master of ceremonies (where he said, "I think the joy of science fiction is that it's minimizing future shock..." I'm not sure I agree with him that that's the joy of science fiction, but whatever...) Looking at the complete list of inductees, it raises some questions. Who would your completely biased & sentimental choice be if you had to choose only one most deserving nominee from this list? Who would you induct instead of someone else on this list? See anyone you would leave off this list? Oh, jeez, this is starting to sound like an essay question where you have to fill up your blue book. I should go to bed now...

Brian W. Aldiss, Poul Anderson, Isaac Asimov, Alfred Bester, James Blish, Chesley Bonestell, Ray Bradbury, Edgar Rice Burroughs, John W. Campbell, Jr., Arthur C. Clarke, Hal Clement, Samuel R. Delany, Philip K. Dick, Gordon R. Dickson, Frank Kelly Freas, Hugo Gernsback, Harry Harrison, Ray Harryhausen, Robert A. Heinlein, Frank Herbert, Damon Knight, Ursula K. Le Guin, Fritz Leiber, George Lucas, Anne McCaffrey, Abraham Merritt, Michael Moorcock, C.L. Moore, Andre Norton, Frederik Pohl, Eric Frank Russell, Mary W. Shelley, Robert Silverberg, E. E. Smith, Steven Spielberg, Theodore  Sturgeon, Wilson Tucker, A. E. van Vogt, Jack Vance, Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, Kate Wilhelm, Jack Williamson, Donald Allen Wollheim


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