Monday, December 31, 2007

Better Late than Never

A couple of weeks ago Elysa and I did go to see "The Golden Compass." We took our granddaughter along, and I was, as usual, apprehensive of seeing a movie for which I had started to harbor high expectations. I'd already heard the rumblings from the critics. Some, who I do respect seemed to like the movie, but many others seemed to dislike it, complaining of bad acting and boring story.

Then, of course, there were the expected put-downs from people whose comments were clearly directed at the religio-political angle.

Given all that, I'd say my apprehensions were justified.

However, the movie turned out mostly great.

In spite of what some critics say, Richards and Kidman (the two central roles) do brilliant work. There is a huge amount of CGI work, but I didn't find it overwhelming or silly or whatever else some people have claimed. Even the transfer of the plot from book to movie worked well, with only one or two minor hickups.

Whatever you think of religion, go see this movie. It's worth seeing, far more so than just about any other movie that's come out this season.

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